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DVNT Events brings the best in sex entertainment to Los Angeles, CAHenry Jones, CEO
When it comes to live sex parties, DVNT Events is offering the most exclusive VIP experience I have ever seen.Cynthia Love, Sex Practitioner
I have been to swingers parties around the world and DVNT Events offers a truly unique experienceElyse Sinder, Professional Dominatrix


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Our Manifesto

DVNT Events has entered the Erotic Playground of Los Angeles to offer an alternative to the status quo. A truly amazing sexual experience can change your DNA. It is transformative. We want to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that tap into the true primal natures of both men & women. Why would you want to experience a moment of total eroticism confined to a tux? At DVNT Events we have no interest in recreating an old, tepid Kubrick film… we are interested in freedom of expression and the future of sex parties. We will combine the unique aesthetic of Burning Man with the complete sensory overload of Cirque Du Soleil. Our Team has worked on the biggest events in the world, including Insomniac & SFX Events.

Los Angeles Sex Parties & Lifestyle EventsIn a nation where sexuality is constantly under attack on both sides by the Repressive Right & the PC Police, we will offer a true sanctuary for those who wish to usher in a New Era of Passionate Sex. No consensual fantasies are off limits. We do not always subscribe to traditional gender roles.  A man can dress as a Conquering Phoenix, a woman can dress in a suit. Bondage is only the beginning. There are so many delicacies to experience in the Garden of Delights. Feast with us.

Support the New Sexual Revolution in Los Angeles.

We want to hold our first event in April of 2018. We have access to multi-million dollar mansions and playhouses that will stun and excite.

Support us today. Membership is just $20,000 per year. Be a part of the sexual revolution we have all been waiting for…

About Los Angeles Sex Parties & Swinger Events

Sin is in. L.A. is known for being a hub of sexuality in the world. So why is there a lack of  sex parties, swingers clubs and nudist resorts in the City of Angels?

Free spirits flourish here, enjoy the fruits of the city. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, sex parties offer a release from the cares of your day. Sexuality should be embraced and explored in it’s myriad of flavors. DVNT Events offers the best in sex parties, swingers clubs and nudist resorts.

Speaking of nudists, there are no nudist beaches in Los Angeles. You’ll have to go south to La Jolla and San Diego. Black’s Beach and San Onofre State Beach offer amazing views and the ultimate freedom to live au naturel.

Swingers clubs such as Club Joi offer a full on-premise experience. Go, explore with your partner. You’ll find a night of kinky fun will enhance your existing relationship and bring weeks of amazing sex at home.

Lovers of the lifestyle can venture a little further to Freedom Acres, offering over 13,000 feet to explore your wild side. An average of 100-200 couples partake in each event at this massive location.

Private members clubs such as Snctm offer a VIP, Eyes Wide Shut style experience. Men wear tuxes, women wear whatever (the less the better).

Swinging in a committed relationship can deepen the bonds between couples. Polyamory extends those bonds to those outside the couple. Everyone has their own style & preference. Jealousy can be difficult, but when sex play is kept open & honest, all can benefit from this new way of loving & coupling. A couple will often find their sex drives go through the roof following a shared experience. There is so much to talk about & share. This lifestyle keeps the relationship hot & sexy, never boring. Vanilla couples often find their relationship dull, they want more and they then cheat to get that excitement with someone new. Couples who share together, stay together. It is not cheating with the freedom and allowance of your partner. In a 2000 Study, 60% said that swinging improved their relationship.

All clubs are consensual, couples are encouraged, single men typically are allowed only on specified nights.

Welcome to L.A. Welcome to the new underground of sex clubs, swingers parties and nudist resorts.

Embrace the kink. Feel the love. Experience the next level in L.A. Sexuality. An experience like no other.


Los Angeles Sex Club, Swingers Parties & Lifestyle Events